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Information about “UNIPRICE” Limited Liability Company
Uniprice LTD was established by the proficient specialists (experts) on valuation and examination of real property market , as well as valuation of other property subjects (all kinds of mobile properties, buildings and facilities, specialized equipments, intangible assets, golden jewelries, means of transport, etc.) and it’s officially registered. According to the Charter it functions on the valuation, merchandising, construction-technical expertise, consulting and complex marketing sphere.
In the regard of its function the company maintains both legal entities and individuals according to the Law on “Valuation Activity” of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “International Valuation Standards” (IVS), “National Valuation Standards” (NVS), Law on “Activity of State Court Inspection” of the Azerbaijan Republic.
Activity Spheres
Valuation and examination of mobile and real estate:
• Valuation upon legal proceeding (judgement and references);
• Valuation of residential premises (flat, private house, estate);
• Valuation of non-residential premises;
• Valuation of manufacture, trading and industry, etc. facilities;
• Valuation of insured properties;
• Valuation of enterprises due to the transition to the International Financial Reporting Standards;
• Re-valuation of the fundamental foundations;
• Evaluation of pledged estates on fair values;
• Valuation of land plots;
• Valuation of business and investment projects;
• Valuation of mortgage subject;
• Valuation according to the bringing in and out of the balance;
• Valuation of jewelry;
• Valuation of motor vehicles and other means of transport (wagons, ships, etc.);

• Valuation according to the determination of financial detriment upon reconstruction-repair and demolition deeds;
• Valuation of specialized equipment, transmitter facilities, as well as intangible assets;
• Valuation of the properties in the municipality areas in order to attract them to labour tax,etc;
• Valuation of estate in the regard of including into the state register,etc.

Address: 2 Chaykovsky Str., apart. 82, Narimanov District of Baku city, AZ 1154, Azerbaijan Republic.
Work: +994 12 567 75 09
Mob: +994 50 333 34 48
Director: Ramil Chingiz oghlu Gasimzada